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The kit can now be integrated into an automated testing where no interactive user session is available. During testing, if an installer terminates but leaves active processes or windows running, the app certification kit may detect that there is still work to be done by the installer.

In this case, the kit appears stuck running the “Process Install Trace Files” task and it’s not possible to move forward with the UI. Resolution: After your installer is complete, manually close any active processes or windows spawned by the installer. This may impact your Store submission.

This message does not apply in cases where the user didn’t manually deselect tests. From the Windows App Certification Kit, select the category of validation you would like to perform. For example: If you are validating a Windows app, select Validate a Windows app. You may browse directly to the app you’re testing, or choose the app from a list in the UI. When the Windows App Certification Kit is run for the first time, the UI lists all the Windows apps that you have installed on your computer.

For any subsequent runs, the UI will display the most recent Windows apps that you have validated. But in some scenarios there is a slight performance improvement on bit systems. It is possible that performance could degrade in a highly congested system that have many images loaded in many different memory locations. Binary files with writable sections that are marked as shared are a security threat.

Don’t build apps with shared writable sections unless necessary. Remove any shared sections from the app and create shared memory objects by calling CreateFileMapping or MapViewOfFile with the proper security attributes and then rebuild your app.

The AppContainerCheck verifies that the appcontainer bit in the portable executable PE header of an executable binary is set. Apps must have the appcontainer bit set on all. If a managed executable fails the test, make sure that you used the latest compiler and linker, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, to build the UWP app.

A portable executable PE image fails this test if its import table has been placed in an executable code section. This can occur if you enabled. Don’t merge the import table into an executable code section. The check helps to ensure that a binary does not have any pages that are mapped as writable and executable. Disabling Edit and Continue will cause the invalid section to not be present.

Private code signing files should be kept private as they may be used for malicious purposes in the event they are compromised. Tests for files within the app package that have an extension of. This test also identifies situations where a managed binary takes a dependency on a function outside of the approved profile. The app must respond quickly to user interaction and system commands in order to present a fast and fluid user experience.

The characteristics of the computer on which the test is performed can influence the test results. As a performance optimization to accelerate JavaScript execution time, JavaScript files ending in the. This significantly improves startup and ongoing execution times for JavaScript operations. When using bindings, WinJS. The badge logo is an image that appears next to the badge notification to identify the app on the lock screen. This image must be monochromatic it can contain only white and transparent pixels.

The pixel must be 2A2A2A or darker, or transparent Because the badge logo appears on a white background when in high-contrast white, it must be a dark version of the normal badge logo. In high-contrast white, the badge logo can only contain pixels that are darker than 2A2A2A or transparent. The image must define at least one variant without a TargetSize qualifier. It must define a Scale qualifier or leave Scale and TargetSize unspecified, which defaults to Scale If you have localizable content in your app manifest, make sure that your app’s package includes a valid resources.

The “resources. You can get this error if the manifest changed and the name of the resource map in resources. To fix this, you need to rebuild resources. The default value of AutoMerge is off. When enabled, AutoMerge merges an app’s language pack resources into a single resources. We don’t recommend this for apps that you intend to distribute through the Microsoft Store. The resources.

Refer to the App package requirements. The schema for the elements in the app manifest don’t allow leading or trailing white space characters. The Windows App Certification Kit did not detect any new applications as a result of your installation. Please confirm that your installer worked correctly and run the Windows App Certification Kit again. The website Certification requirements for Windows desktop apps talks about “Windows 8.

The main advantage to get a desktop application certified is that it can appear on Windows store. Windows 7 cannot access Windows store, therefore it’s pointless as far as Windows 7 users are concerned. Windows 8 can access the app store, but it doesn’t really work for desktop apps.

User must exit desktop-mode and enter tablet-mode, go to Windows store, find the desktop app. But the desktop app will only appear as a link to developer’s website. User must go back to desktop mode, go to the link and finally install Windows 10 allows users to install desktop apps directly. However there is not enough information yet.

As to your question, there is really no such thing as Windows 7 application. Maybe you made your application on Windows 7, but it probably runs on Vista, Windows 8, and You just have to test it. It is especially useful for those who are required to download files continually. More Free YouTube Download 4. Free YouTube Download. Download video from YouTube to your computer hard drive with one mouse click.

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Windows App Certification Kit tests – UWP applications | Microsoft Docs.certificate – Windows App Certification Kit for Windows 7 application – Stack Overflow


Certification for Win32 desktop apps is deprecated. Instead, submit files here. Follow these steps to get your desktop app certified for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8. If you wish to convert your desktop app to be compatible with the Universal Windows Platform and Windows Store, you will use the Windows Desktop Bridge , in which case you should follow the Desktop Bridge guidance for certification steps.

Note: Filter drivers must also pass the Hardware Certification Kit. See Certification requirements for Windows desktop apps, section 6. To submit your app for certification, you’ll need to log in or register a company account on the Windows Certification Dashboard. Once you do, not only will you be able to get your app certified, but you’ll also gain access to tools to review and manage your app at all stages of the process.

App compatibility forum : Find support from the community about compatibility and logo certification. Windows SDK blog : Find tips and news related to app certification. Windows Server forum : Visit the Certification forum to get answers. Compatibility cookbook : Get info about what’s new or changed in the latest version of Windows.

Feedback will be sent to Microsoft: By pressing the submit button, your feedback will be used to improve Microsoft products and services. Privacy policy. Skip to main content. Contents Exit focus mode. Important Certification for Win32 desktop apps is deprecated. Is this page helpful? Yes No. Any additional feedback? Skip Submit.

Read the requirements. Get the Kit. Using the Kit. Before you can submit your app, you must test it for readiness. You can also download a copy of the app certification white paper. Review test details. Get the list of the tests your app needs to pass to qualify for compatibility with the latest Windows operating system.

Set up your account. If your company isn’t already registered, you must register it through the Windows Certification Dashboard. Get a code signing certificate. Before you can establish a Windows Certification Dashboard account, you need to get a code signing certificate to secure your digital information.

Test locally and upload the results. Manage your submission. After you submit your app for certification, you can review your submission through the Windows Certification Dashboard. Check app compatibility. Use the logo with your app.

Display the logo on packaging and in ads and other promotional materials according to the guidelines. For Windows 7 only.


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