However, Windows 11 makes it hard for Windows fans to continue this tradition. Windows 11 comes with stringent requirements that make it much harder for any pre-2017 PC to upgrade. Microsoft defends its decision by claiming that the minimum hardware requirements are important for minimizing security concerns and glitches. For long-time Windows users, this update may cause a few annoyances. For example, the taskbar can no longer be resized or moved. The start button resides in the center by default, although you can move it back to the left.

  • But Microsoft’s solution isn’t the only option in town if you want Android games on your PC.
  • The method below works by modifying the Windows 11 ISO to remove security checks.
  • You can still see all apps, but you will have to click on a dedicated button for it.

You won’t be able to use “Reset this PC” or “Recovery” options to downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10. Recovery partition will no longer be able to restore your device to the version of Windows you had before. If you want to go back, you’ll need to reinstall Windows 10 version 21H1 using Media Creation Tool or Windows 10 ISO. It’s also worth noting that you’re going to have to roll back to Windows 10 when Windows 11 exits beta testing and you don’t meet the minimum requirements. To check if your PC is eligible, you can use Microsoft’s PC Health app or read the company’s documentation on supported CPUs. However, not all Windows users will have the option to upgrade immediately.

Windows 10 vs Windows 11: Full Comparison & Winner

In this article, you’ll learn how to upgrade your Windows 10 PC safely to the newest version of Windows. The installation assistant will then automatically download and install Windows 11. Once a bootable USB is created, follow the below steps exactly as I say. Now Windows 11 installation process will not check for TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot.

UL Benchmarks first issued a warning to the press about the VBS feature, so we included three of the company’s benchmarks. The 3DMark tests show little variance, but the VRMark benchmark takes a 3% haircut with the 11700K, and loses 7.5% with the 10700K. Also, be aware that we’re testing with CPUs that support MBEC, which seems to reduce the overall impact of HVCI.

How to clean install with Windows 11 Installation Media

And if none is available, it deletes the oldest restore point to free up space. This file reserves a storage space equal to 20-40% of your RAM if hibernation is enabled. So, if you have 16 GB RAM, this file uses about 4-7 GB of space. If you don’t actually use hibernation, you can disable it to free up this space. Doing so has no impact on the normal shut down and powering up process, except maybe slightly increasing startup time. You can also set the condition to delete the contents of the Recycle Bin and the Downloads folder.

Windows 11 Is Here: Everything You Need to Know

As long as you are happy to proceed, click ‘Confirm’. drivers for windows This is essentially the version of Windows 11 most people use, but with a few early features. This is the most stable build, but it also means you’re waiting longer to test out new features. It’s still faster to get new features this way than just using Windows 11, however. You can also choose the Beta Channel, which isn’t quite as early, offering a more stable experience, but still with early access to features . Very early Windows 11 Insider builds are available to people using the Dev Channel.

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