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LyftBiz Products

We currently provide access and guidance to mission critical services that allow businesses to grow successfully and in balance, all while maintaining a scalable model that is tailored to your current situation with our eyes fixed on your future.

Troy Business Group will continue to stay on the cutting edge of business with the help of our in-house team and partners. We are proud to offer these current set of business services.


Troy Business Group has built a strategic alliance with one of the nations top credit repair companies, Credit Legal Vision, LLC.. We want to make sure that our clients have a dedicated in-house specialist that will work with them on repairing their personal credit. Our partnership ensures that Troy Business Group clients whom elect to take on credit repair via Credit Legal Vision, will have the same level of excellent performance and service they receive here at Troy. Troy Business Group does not do Credit Repair but does work with Credit Legal Vision LLC.

It is no secret that the less money cost, the greater the leverage of your financing dollars. We are in the business of saving our clients money at every turn. In many cases in the past we found that a solid credit profile was the single most productive action we could advise. We have built a team of credit specialists comprised of industry professionals and lawyers to help you get your credit profile in the best shape possible as we start on the journey to growth. With many of our customers, we have found that a little time well spent here can have marvelous effects for years.


LyftBiz probably offers the irreplaceable convenience of an inhouse financial expert to help you keep your financial house in order. It’s like having a dedicated bookkeeper for a fraction of the cost. The flexibility to use this tool a la carte will prove critical to your operation.

From a simple update to the aging receivables, to a full scale Income Statement and Balance Sheet – You will enjoy this partnership until you need your own CFO! Whether you want LyftBiz to take on more of a human touch or you want to go virtual and allow LyftBiz to ease your burden digitally, the options are here for you to choose when you partner with LyftBiz.


Through LyftBiz,  we have partnered with the best and largest payroll management company in the country. Through our relationship with the leading payroll company nationwide, we can provide you with the best-in-class payroll management tools. Every growing business operator knows how frustrating it can be to run payroll for themselves.

If you want the ability to set up a new employee in under two minutes and know that their deductions and direct deposits will be taken care of while you spend valuable time focusing on the future of your business, let us introduce you to the best in the payroll industry.


Through LyftBiz’s partnerships with industry leaders in the business credit arena, we can shore up what is possibly one of the most underrated yet crucial aspect of your business arsenal, your commercial credit profile. With our partners unrivaled technology and our understanding we can work together to help you build long term value and advantages most business owners are unaware of.


From a simple landing page for your business to establishes your web presence, to a full out social media campaign complete with SEO marketing and all the bells and whistles. LyftBiz will welcome your business to the digital age and introduce you to the cutting edge of digital domination. A team of highly specialized experts will help you in accomplishing whatever your online marketing goals may be.


If your needs are anywhere in the areas of network services, which include but are not limited to network design, private cloud, managed routers, systems integration, wireless backup, PCI compliance, POS hardware, and security systems for both your facility and your network. Our partners via LyftBiz can and will be able to help you grow.


We want to ensure that if SEO and growing your business via the web is your goal. We will be able to help you bridge that gap as we are partnered with the best and the brightest in the industry through LyftBiz.


Through LyftBiz, we are able to offer our merchants credit card processing at some of the lowest rates possible.

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.


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