Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring 

Invoice Factoring is a type of business financing product in which a company sells one, some, or all of its invoices owed to them by their clients, in exchange for an upfront advance for up to 95% of the value of that receivable/invoices.

Most large scale commercial clients demand that their suppliers accept invoice terms. Anywhere from net 15 to up to net 90 days in terms. Some big-box retailers and top tier clients can demand their suppliers accept terms that exceed net 90 business days.

In Factoring, a business sells its invoices to the Invoice Factoring company in exchange for a higher advanced percentage on the invoice sometimes up to as much as 95% of the invoice face value.

With quick funding options in as little as 24 to up to 48 hours. Invoice Factoring involves the Factory purchasing the invoice. Therefore the Factoring company assumes the role of collector and must now collect upon said receivable.

In that instance, some businesses may find that level of interaction with their customer by the Invoice Factoring company to be too intrusive and may hinder the growth of the business with that customer.

If this would be an issue, one can simply turn to Accounts Receivables Financing. However, selling the invoice/receivable via Invoice Factoring typically affords a business a higher upfront funding against the value of the receivable.

For example, Accounts Receivable Financing can typically advance up to 80% of the amount of the invoice/receivable, yet a business can be advanced up to 95% of an invoice/receivable by selling it on the Invoice Factoring side.

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