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Today we are taking a look at HuniePop which is привожу ссылку real Kickstarter success story. This is a very intriguing game, not just because of the hot anime girls. It is because this is a game huniepop download free windows free is a mixture of dating sim, puzzle and it then has some RPG elements sprinkled over the top of it.

The dating sim portion of HuniePop on the surface seems way more simplistic than what other games go for, but I feel this works in its favor. You pick a girl that you want to talk to and you will have a huniepop download free windows free of questions that you can ask her. You can ask her out on a date, be flirty or you can cut huniepop download free windows free to the chase and get a little….

The story of the game is quite fun. You are a hubiepop who is just hopeless with the ladies and a нажмите чтобы перейти love fairy called Kyu decides to help you out! I found this to be a lot of fun and she does come in handy when you are trying to impress the eight ladies that the game has to offer. It windoas far more interacting than most. It also has a match-three puzzle game in here нажмите для продолжения. This is way more addictive than you адрес страницы think.

You can use date gifts, special moves and so on to help you with this and this is where the RPG elements come into play. It would have been so easy for them to tack on a basic puzzle game here, but they went all out and in all honesty, it is one of the more fun match three style games that I have played over the years.

I think that HuniePop is stacked not just in the chest department with content. There are hidden girls for you to find and a ton of items that you can get to try and make the ladies like you. You can give them gifts, drink food and accessories to try and win their favor. Also, there ссылка на подробности a day and night cycle along with various locations in the game.

You may think that this is just purely cosmetic, but it actually can have an effect on the gameplay. For example, if you are in the right place, you can give her alcohol to make the conversation a little different. Of course, a game like this lets you customize the girls and there are a ton of different outfits and hairstyles that you can use if that is your thing.

Huniepop download free windows free actually liked how easy they made the customization aspect of the game. There are also these high quality and sexy photos that you can collect as you play the game.

While you may start out just to see the hot girls, it is actually quite addictive trying to get all of these. HuniePop is one of the better games in this genre I have had the pleasure to play. While the story is fun, it is way more huniepop download free windows free than most other dating sims downpoad I have come across over the years. I vownload it is fun, cheeky and it has a ton of things for you to buy and collect.

It is also far more addictive than you would think. If you do not like how barebones most dating sims are in the gameplay department, HuniePop is well worth checking out. Browse games Game Portals.

Install Windoows. Click the “Install Game” button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install wkndows desired game. Game review Downloads Screenshots Talk To Me Girl! Overall huniepop download free windows free 8. GameFabrique


Huniepop download free windows free.HuniePop Free Download PC Game


These stats allow the player to earn more points during dates, increasing their chance of success. In order to progress through the game, players must take the women on dates, where they will play a tile matching game where they must make matches of 3 or more of the same tokens. The player must earn enough points to complete the date before they run out of moves.

Each woman has a specific type of token that they like and dislike, and players will gain more points if they match the type of token that the woman prefers. The player can also use special items called “date gifts” during their dates which grant positive effects to help the player earn more points.

After a successful date, the player is rewarded with a picture of the woman the date was with. Each successful date will also raise the game’s difficulty, making subsequent dates require more points to complete. After 3 successful dates with a woman, the player will be able to take them on a date at night, and if that date is successful, the player can bring the woman to their bedroom for one final round of tile matching and, if this is successful, have sexual intercourse with her.

Unlike regular dates, the player has unlimited moves to complete the bedroom game, but the score meter constantly drains over time, so to win, matches must be made quickly until the meter is full. Throughout the game the player is guided by Kyu, a love fairy set on turning the player into a successful Lothario. She gives the player tips on how to interact with each woman and explains how the game’s various mechanics work.

She also becomes dateable after one bedroom game. HuniePop has received positive reception. Occasionally those two identities feel at odds with each other, but for the most part they work in concert to show you a good time. GameZone’s Mike Splechta called the game “fun and engaging”. Destructoid criticized the game’s conversations as lacking in variety while stating that “In the end, I realize this is a game that, while riddled with issues, I liked a lot. A whole lot. In fact, with better writing and some more care given to the characters to flesh them out, it could be so much more.

HunieCam Studio is an adult themed business simulation game, and features many of the characters who previously appeared in HuniePop. The game’s art style also shifted to a more cartoon style, away from the anime-based art. Kotaku gave HunieCam Studio a mixed review, commenting that although the game’s text was occasionally entertaining, they found the overall game experience to be “extremely boring”.

You should know that this video game has followers on social media. The total count of participants reviewing this PC game is There is no multiplayer mode in this PC game! They sold thousands of copies of this PC game because it supports the Hunie franchise. It was Jan 19, date when the studio had launched this thrilling action game. Game Name: HuniePop. Supported Platforms: Windows 7, 8, 8.

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No Need To Install. After a pathetic attempt to try and pick up Kyu, a magic love fairy in disguise, she decides to take you under her wing and help you out with your crippling inability to meet new women.

After a few dating lessons and some sound advice, Kyu sends you out into the world ready to take on the dating world and a wide cast of beautiful babes. This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Nudity or Sexual Content, General Mature Content. May 25, Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Rumor has it there are several secret characters to unlock as well! Over unique items food, drinks, gifts, accessories that you can purchase, unlock, collect and give as gifts. A beautifully composed soundtrack containing over 20 tracks of original music inspired by eastern pop, jazz and bossa nova melodies.

Thousands of lines of dialog, fully and professionally voice acted, complete with a unique character lip-syncing system. The girls will also dress up for dates! Or dress down afterwards… Collect nearly 50 stunning CG photos depicting the girls in various scenarios, including steamy bedroom scenes.

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