Freight Receivable Financing

Freight Receivable Financing & Transportation Factoring

Freight Receivable Financing & Transportation Factoring is a financial product that allows a Freight or Transportation company to sell its Freight/Transportation Invoices for up to 90% of the Invoice’s face value.

Freight Receivable Financing does not purchase the companies invoices, instead, it grants a Freight or Transportation company an Asset Based credit line for up to 80% of the providers owed invoices.

The line is collateralized by the net realized value of the company Invoices. Most large scale Freight or Transportation clients tend to pay on terms ranging from ner 30 to up to net 90 business days.

Does your Freight or Transportation company rush to haul and deliver its loads then, then your business has to wait for a while for the invoices to be paid? Consider driver payments, fuel cost, tolls, insurance premiums and a list of other expenses, that are associated with operating a Freight or Transportation company. Waiting for Invoices that are paid on lengthy terms can possibly drain a business’s cash flow.

Our team at Troy Business Groupis ready to provide your business with access to a few targeted Freight Receivables Financing and Transportation Factoring solutions that could speed up your company’s cash flow.

You could use these funds to take on more loads, more drivers, and/or expand the business. Whether you operate a carrier or a broker, as long the business is located in the US or in Canada, then Freight Receivables Financing or Transportation Factoring may be just right for you.