Equipment Leasing

Equipment Leasing and Equipment Financing

An Equipment Lease is a business financing product that allows a company to lease a piece(s) of Equipment vs buying the equipment, for a designated term in exchange for lower monthly payments.

Typical Equipment Leases may include but not be limited to manufacturing equipment, copy machines and many other types of equipment.

Equipment Leasing is best for products that a company would either want to use and discard after some point or upgrade for a newer version down the road. 

Equipment Financing is a type of commercial loan product that allows companies to purchase assets for their businesses.

This type of financing might be used to purchase assets like but not limited to a restaurant oven, construction machinery, landscaping equipment, or a company car just to name a few.

While business is growing and expanding, so does its need for additional or updated equipment. Regardless of size, companies share a common denominator – cash flow is king and queen.

It does not make a difference if the business is flush or cash strapped. Businesses have the option of saving their capital by avoiding a potentially large Equipment investment.

Companies large and small could potentially turn to either Equipment Leasing or Equipment Financing to add the items they need to operate and expand their businesses.

Especially when taking into account that a new equipment lease or finance vs an outright purchase can free up cash flow, by not making a major capital purchase.

That excess liquidity could be redirected to other more crucial areas of a business. The smart money will tell you that it is best to let the equipment benefits pay for themselves vs potentially depleting a company’s war chest.

Troy Business Groupand our entire team are always available to help facilitate a company’s next asset addition. By offering companies access to the best Equipment Leasing and Equipment Financing options available on the market.