Collateral Based Loan

Collateral Based Loan

A Collateral Based Loans is a Business Financing Loan whereby the borrower pledges a piece of Commercial or Residential piece of property. The property being attached to the new loan note 

Coupled with companies submitted financials, it will be used to produce the longest term and largest funded amount vs an unsecured loan.

One of the main types of Collateral Based Loans is a Collateral Based Business Term Loan. This loan would operate as a standard Business Term loan with monthly payments and a multi-year term.

Yet the addition of the collateral could be used to bolster and produce the maximum Business Term Loans option. Another common type of a Collateral Based Loan is a Hard Money Real Estate Loan.

If a property is owned free and clear or there is a very low mortgage balance against the property. Plus the owners want a very quick very limited document 12 to 24 mos quick closing round of funding.

Then the owners could seek to obtain up to 70% of the available equity of the property in a quick limited document Collateral Based Hard Money Loan. A Hard Money loan will have a balloon payment at the end of the short term.

Therefore one of the most crucial parts of taking on a Hard Money Loan is making certain there is a viable exit strategy in place to get rid of the Hard Money Loan prior to the balloon payment coming due.

Whether it is for a Collateral Based Term Loans or a Collateral based Hard Money Loan Troy Business Groupis here to provide our clients with access to the best available Collateral Based Loans options.