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Business Financing Options for Every Company


Troy Business Group understands that business owners will always have a need for traditional business banking products. We’ve broken that down into two general categories (US-based & International based businesses). To our US-based businesses, we offer access to our network of nationwide Business Bankers. To consult with and assess (real-time) how a banking relationship can help fuel business growth.

For clients based outside of the US, we’re able to offer “US Bank Accounts for International Businesses.” Listed below is a brief overview of each.

sbb network

Business Bank Loans

Troy Business Group has an extensive network of Small Business Bankers throughout the US in practically every major bank and a plethora of small and regional banks.

Since we pride ourselves on our detailed service-based approach towards financials and business, Troy Business Group built an extensive network of actual Small Business Bankers at the local banks. Those who actually manage the banking relationship within the local branch level. The direct connection between the client of the bank and the traditional banks underwriting department.

Having access to this strong network of Small Business Bankers sets us apart. When it comes down to having true business funding connections. Our clients and prospects will be able to tap into these connections. If bank financing is what they seek and want a warm introduction to one of our bankers.


Troy Business Group and our Affiliate Banking Partner team up to offer companies that are primarily International, a US based deposit relationship and all the benefits that it affords.

Brief Description of Troy Business Group’s International Offerings.
  • USD/EUR/GBP demand deposit accounts in your clients’ company names.
  • USD correspondent account with Bank of America (instructions below); in 2019, Bank will likely have direct line to the US Federal Reserve.
  • No in-person visit, US business license, or US tax ID required.
  • Preferred Clients:
  • International businesses buying/selling consumer goods and commodities/involved with the movement of physical goods.
  • USD correspondent account with Bank of America (instructions below); in 2019, Bank will likelyInternational businesses investing in real estate.
  • Minimum volume preferred: $500,000 in annual turnover (but not a bright-line rule)
  • In Q1/Q2 2019, the Bank will begin opening accounts for individuals and introduce debit cards.
  • Each client receives a personal Relationship Manager.
  • Each client has 24/7 online access (online banking guide attached)

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