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Business Financing Options for Every Company

Welcome to our SMB blog

At Troy Business Group, our founders have been in the industry providing funding to small to medium businesses in excess of $250 million dollars since 2012. We’ve helped the business expand its efforts, create new campaigns, lease new equipment, and much more. We want to continue to help SMB owners by providing valuable information about financing and entrepreneurship to keep up to date with the latest trends so we’ve created the best SMB blog. We will be keeping it updated with all the current news and trends, but we encourage you to reach out with any comments or questions you may have.

Tell us what you would like to hear from us to help us better serve you. Our priority here at Troy Business Group is helping our SMB owners regardless of the case.

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A collection of bank notes

A Business Line of Credit: How Important Is It for Your Business?

There are various obstacles business owners face each day, especially regarding capital. Needing cash flow to keep up with necessary expenses in business such as salary wages, products, management, etc., is a common issue. Perhaps you’d like to seize an opportunity for a new investment, but you don’t have the cash at your request.

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Business Financing

How to Consider Choosing Business Financing Options for Your Company

It’s always important to consider the different types of options you have as a business owner. Whether it’s financing tools such as accounts receivable factoring, a business line of credit, purchase order financing, inventory financing, supply chain financing, debt financing, equity financing, and more, there is plenty of flexibility within each one.

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Major HR Issues Businesses Can Expect to Face in 2019

Every business or organization needs a person to organize and manage the wellbeing of staff and answer any questions as assistance on extensive information. Your business could highly benefit from having personnel in charge of issues related directly to clients and employees, so as a business owner, your focus could efficiently work in other areas.

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Changes in Interest Rates

Changes in Interest Rates and Lending: How Can It Affect Small Businesses Over Time

Whether you’re a small business or a large multinational, changes in the economic environment affect everybody. Typically, businesses benefit from lower interest rates because in that case, there would be less of a cost to borrow, allowing room for more money to spend. With more money to spend on your business, you could invest in various areas to expand and grow.

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SEO trends your small business can use in 2019

SEO Trends Your Business Can Use in 2020

Companies today must work towards developing positive customer relationships. This is a critical goal in the age of the ever-increasing competitive landscape. Firms that build a trusting relationship with customers will be the ones that earn the most profits.

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Supply Chain Financing

Supply Chain Financing: If Your Business Needs Inventory Then Does It Need Supply Chain Financing?

Businesses have demands for their capital in all areas. Payroll to cover the demands for staff, to marketing to drive sales, to inventory and supplies to keep products on hand. Let’s not forget the other soft cost associated with running a business along the way. All of these expenses go hand in hand and are crucial, thus leaving the small to mid-sized business owner stuck in a proverbial catch 22.

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Benefits of Factoring for SMBs

Finance 101: The Benefits of Factoring for SMBs Explained Factoring is an excellent financing option that can provide a quick boost to the cash flow.

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Accounts Receivable

How to Use Accounts Receivable Financing to Help Your Small Business Smaller businesses are generally more agile when compared to well-established firms. They are able

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Construction Factoring Loan

Choosing the Right Construction Factoring Company Is Essential to Cash Flow Success What Is Construction Factoring To Be Precise? Construction Factoring as the name implies…

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