Accounts Receivable FinancingAccount Receivable Financing

Account Receivable Financing is a business financing product that does not purchase the companies invoices, instead, it grants an Advance in the form of an Asset Based credit line for up to 85% of the providers owed invoices.

The Asset-Based Credit line is collateralized by the net realized value of the company Invoices.

It is a great solution for businesses that need working capital yet do not want to sell their invoices so they can maintain their own client collections process for invoice payments.

Is a Net 30, a Net 45 or a Net 60 payment from your customers strangling your cash flow? You are not alone! Lots of small to mid-sized business owners and even major businesses as well can need additional cash flow at some time.

Whether it’s for payroll, inventory needs, or simply wanting to grow the business with new projects.

Account Receivable Financing could be a great tool that helps companies scale by helping them free up their own cash flow.

Businesses could take on additional business from their new and existing clients without the major worry that their cash flow will be tied down by long payment invoice terms from customers.

Yet still allowing the company to be the face of the collection process with its customers. Account Receivable Financing only advances against the invoices vs purchasing them outright.

We here at Troy Business Group are here to provide our clients with the best Account Receivable Financing options on the market