For years troy group has helped over 1,000 businesses grow and funded over $250,000,000.

Your Business Has Needs. We Have Solutions.

Troy Business Group was formed by a team of seasoned veterans that decided to bring their talents from the Investment Banking Industry, the Mortgage Industry, the Insurance Industry, and the Business Financing world.

We cater to the small-medium business community. That strive to bring them the same commitment to excellence that they strive to provide to their clients. With over 35 years of experience between our partners, we know we can either deliver on what our client needs.

We are passionate about achieving the best results for our clients. Troy Business Group’s goal is always to go beyond just providing financing. It is uniquely tailored towards real business development.

Troy Business Group has tons of expertise in the financial services world. Our partners also run their own Mainstreet sized business as well. By actually running small businesses, we can consult from experience in the business world as real-time entrepreneurs.

Thus, our partners have skyscraper boardroom experience and connections needed to get our clients’ deals done. All while being grounded in the reality of what our customers actually deal with within the real world. That is why we here at Troy Business Group. We decided to build a Full-Service Financial Firm in comparison to having a boutique shop that caters to one specific group of small businesses or a funder who takes the big box retailer approach where every merchant is just another number.

Whether you want to finance the next project, develop new marketing/branding strategies, or build your personal and business profiles stronger, Troy Business Group has the reach and the means to be there for you.

Well, you know, I was a human being before I became a businessman.

– George Soros